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  • Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit  v.0.58The Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit (PMREK) includes source code for a Linux 2.6 kernel module and a user program to control Bally pinball machines manufactured between 1977 and 1985 via memory-mapped ...
  • Java Reverse-Engineering for Eclipse  v.1.0Java reverse-engineering plug-in for Eclipse Modelling project. Depends on JDK and UML2 eclipse projects. Supports JKD5, including enums and generics.
  • Universal Report  v.5.0Universal Report is a generic reverse engineering tool for management and automatic documentation of source codes (program files). Its goal is to easily generate a structured and highly formatted overview of a given set of program codes. A session ...
  • AltDel  v.2.21Delphi source project obfuscator. AltDel is a 5-phase script-driven lexical compiler that produces obfuscation by lowering the language level of Delphi source projects. The obfuscation of Delphi projects is a deterrent against reverse engineering.
  • DYAMAR Orion SDK  v.1.0.0DYAMAR Orion SDK - is a set of applications allowing you to protect Windows native applications against piracy and reverse engineering. It consists of activation server and protection engine. The main feature of this software is 'Server Side Code ...
  • Visual Paradigm for UML (SE) [Windows]  v.6.3UML CASE tool - UML diagrams, use case modeling, reverse engineering and more.
  • Codavaj - javadoc in reverse  v.1.3.0codavaj - javadoc in reverse. A seemingly useless reverse engineering tool to transform HTML javadoc into java source file skeletons - or a reflection api-like internal ...
  • Diazy Roundtrip Engineering Toolset  v.0.0.5Diazy is an application framework for the generation of source code from Dia UML models and the degeneration (reverse engineering) of source code to Dia UML models. This will allow developers to rapidly deploy object oriented design ...
  • Kiss!  v. VB.Net SQL template driven Code Generator from a Database Data Model with Reverse Engineering to SQL Scripts. Execute, Test groups of SQL Scripts and produce SQL Patch Scripts. Concatenate file groups hierarchically with Placeholder substitution.
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